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Energy Management

Our Energy Team look to reduce usage and costs for our clients.

By surveying what is already in place, and the cost they are paying for their electricity, we are able to give recommendations to make effective reductions.

Lighting and heating are two of the largest usage of electricity in most businesses. By using the right energy efficient and Sustainable products, we see energy usage dropping by over 50%, while  improving working conditions and helping the environment.

With the consideration to the environment, we are helping towards improving everyone`s Wellbeing.



Asset Management

Our Asset Team work with our clients to produce detailed records and images that give an up to date register of their items.

The level of detail is tailored to their individual requirements.

By having accurate records, our Clients can comply with any legal obligations, tracking of high value assets and provide documentation for on going maintenance, by using our “Asset Imagery”.

With the introduction of high resolution images, our clients can view their properties remotely, implement maintenance programs, and highlight any potential areas of risk.

The unique features of our iPoint Asset Management Software has provided a large Welsh Council to not only register and track assets, but to contribute in reducing costs, their Carbon Foot Print and provide the tools for immediate maintenance cost savings.

This is another example of how we have taken a unique Concept to Completion and implementation, through the design and proof of concept processes.

iPoint Asset Management has the potential to revolutionise how businesses manage their buildings.




Our Electrical Teams have decades of experience within the industry to draw upon.

From Commercial and Domestic installations, to the specialist area of Leisure, they are qualified to all current regulations. As members of the NICEIC, they go through rigorous annual inspections to confirm their work remains at the highest levels.

Playing their part within the group, they truly complete the package we offer – From Concept to Completion.

With the added benefit of being able to provide Lighting and Heating designs, we offer our Clients the experience gained over the years, and ensure they have the right products for their business.

We offer our Clients the choice of both a reactive and planned maintenance. By being able to respond to immediate issues, and working with them for future scheduled works, we are helping their needs and expectations being realised.


Property, Design & Consultancy

Our Property Team work to reduce the stress out of refurbishing, relocating or just redecorating. They provide clients with solutions to their problems.

The need for less office space due to Covid in the short term, due to staff working from home, presents clients with unnecessary costs of large offices being under utilised. 

Our team can redesign your offices for subletting space for short to medium term leases, or until you require the space once more.

They don`t stop there. By providing a network of proven providers, such as solicitors, financial advisors and options to do the physical relocation, they are there at every step – From the Concept to Completion.

With any alterations required to the premises prior to, or after the move, they work with the client to ensure they are relocated promptly and efficiently, and with the least amount of disruption to their business.


Management – Systems & Procedures


Many businesses fall fowl of individual staff members who may leave or on sudden long term sick, where they are the only ones who know the day to day jobs that keeps the business running. What makes it worse, there is no documentation detailing their roles for others to follow. This can apply from the most Junior to Senior members of staff, regardless of the size of the Company. Its not until it happens, that the pressure starts, staff are unnecessarily distracted, mistakes are made, orders and customers are lost, and suddenly the Company is failing, all because the business has no basic Systems and Procedures to follow.

By developing detailed Systems and Procedures specific for each client, it becomes the manual that gives their business a level of consistency, but also a safety net that gets them back on track quickly and effectively.

“Good Managers identify and solve problems before they are out of control. Great Managers put Systems and Procedures in place, so everyone becomes a problem solver, not just them.”

Do you have detailed Systems and Procedures for your business in place? If not, contact us to discuss how we can turn a current weakness into a Strength, and give you one less thing to distract you, while you get on with running your business.



“From Concept to Completion” we offer the solution.

“The Journey begins, with either a need or an idea”

Let us help you on your Journey.

From Concept to Completion – The Journey starts here

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